The Hobbyist

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Why do you need this course?

This course is designed to educate you in order to get familiarized on how to use your hobby drone with least risk to yourself and others

It will help you understand the reasons for security measures that need to be observed when flying any remote aircraft safely

You will be educated in the aviation safety rules,’ the do’s and don’ts’ that are critical to safe flying

Familiarizing yourself with the Instruction Manual as per the specific Drone to ensure that you follow sound safe practice when flying

It will guide you in identifying all components and how they operate in conjunction with each other

Emphasis on care for the drone such as battery care, propeller maintenance etc.

The pre-flight, flight, and post flight checks that need to be actioned as a discipline for every flight

The overall result is designed to educate, inform and prepare you for a safe, enjoyable and successful flying experience every time


What this course offers:

This is the ideal course for any drone hobbyist or enthusiast, if you’re just getting starting or hoping to gain some certification, this is the ideal course for you.



Hobbyist Online Modules

Module 1: Recreational Drone Competency


  • Common drones
  • Essential Devices used to operate a Drone

Unit 2:

  • Basic Components
  • The Aircraft
  • Flight Modes
  • Led Indicators
  • Intelligent Flight Battery

Unit 3:

  • How to use
  • Link Button
  • Operations
  • Antenna

Module 2: Safety and Procedures

Unit 1:

  • Aircraft Checks
  • Pre-flight Recommendations

Unit 2:

  • Pre and Post Flight Checks
  • Exterior Pre-Flight Checks
  • Interior Pre-flight Checks
  • Take-Off
  • Landing

Unit 3:

  • Safety Recommendations to Avoid Danger
  • Ground Checks
  • Weather
  • Further Safety Recommendations

Unit 4:

  • Radio Equipment
  • General Rules
  • Visual line-of-sight operations (VLOS)
  • Smoking, Drinking and Firearms

Module 3: Incidents and accidents

Unit 1:

  • Incidents and Accidents
  • Accident Report Example
  • Fail-safe settings
  • Batteries
  • Batteries – continued
  • Use of RC Equipment